NCACES 2018 Conference

Career Link

At this conference, we will be offering a Career Link service, as we did at the 2016 NCACES conference. The Career Link service will include a website to connect job seekers with potential university employers. It will also include time during the conference for universities to meet with job seekers (as a group) to discuss open positions.

Regarding the Career Link website: please follow these directions if you are interested in either posting an open position or submitting a vita for review.

1. Job Seekers: If you are interested in posting a vita, please save your vita as a PDF file and use your name as the file name (i.e., LastNameFirstInitial.PDF).

Then email your vita to Dr. Jane Cox at Please put in the subject line of your email: "Vita to post to NCACES Career Link".

To keep this process as confidential as possible, the website containing all of the vitas will be password protected. The only people who will have access to the electronic vitas are those who have submitted an open position.
Please note: anyone who has submitted an open position will be able to view all vitas submitted.

Please be certain the vita you send is the one you want posted. We will be unable to post an updated vita once one is posted to the website.
Deadline for receipt of vitas is Oct. 11, 2018 (though we hope most will be sent before this date); none will be posted after this date.

Universities: If you are interested in posting a position, please save your document as a PDF file and use your university name as the file name (i.e., UniversityName.PDF).

Then email the position posting to Dr. Jane Cox at Please put in the subject line of your email: University Position to Post to NCACES Career Link.

Once you have submitted an open position, we will send you the password information and instructions about how to access the vitas.

Anyone can access the job postings; no password will be needed.

Once posted, both the position postings and vitas (password required) will be found at